A Sunday Well-Spent: Red Wine and Sunshine

Elements of a perfect day: An early morning wake up, coffee, dog walk, and wine. Let’s finally face it – fall is two days away. It’s quite alright to start celebrating and those were the best way I knew how!


We started off Sunday waking up fairly early, running out for coffee, lazying around a bit on the couch, taking Kona for a walk, and then heading out to a food truck festival at a local winery. It truly was beautiful outside – 75 degrees, sunny, spotless sky. And if you know me, you know that I’m a lover of red wine and spending time outdoors. It was a great day.

Ryan and I have a few local wine festivals on our calendar for this fall, and this was the perfect place to start. Laurita Winery is a really beautiful winery, with gorgeous grounds and a pretty great business philosophy. After grabbing our glasses (Cabernet for me, sangria for Ryan), we walked around and explored the festival, eating snacks from local food trucks – Falafull was by far my favorite! – and went on a tour where we learned about the winery’s sustainability, varietal of wines, and history. Despite how beautiful outside it was, it really wasn’t too crowded, making the event probably all the more enjoyable.

IMG_2652 IMG_2655IMG_2661IMG_2653

After filling up on wine and falafel, we wandered the vineyards a bit to escape some of what crowd was there. It was really nice way to spend the afternoon – feeling slightly tipsy, wandering vineyards, feeling like we were in Napa Valley or Tuscany. Oh, and the grapes were incredible!

IMG_2658IMG_2654 IMG_2659

After our first festival of the fall season, we’re really looking forward to the others coming up. Days like this past Sunday truly do make me feel happy to be alive and well. And hey, first thing marked off my fall foodie bucket list! 😉


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