Fall Foodie Bucket List

Fall is HERE! Okay, it’s not quite here yet, but it has certainly been feeling that way and it has been glorious. With fall weather beginning to approach, I’ve definitely been craving fall foods and flavors. With that being said, there are some things I’m making a point of doing (and eating!) this fall. Here’s my….


  • Apple picking – I know, I know. Everybody does this in the fall. But now that I’m officially back in the garden state, I definitely want to take advantage of all the apple orchards. There are so many!
  • Mini weekend road trip to Vermont – Vermont is one of my favorite places and I would love to stock up on maple syrup, maple candies, and plenty of fall foliage.
  • Fall wine festivals – How can I not? I already have quite a few on my calendar…
  • Make homemade marshmallows – I’ve never made marshmallows, but I HAVE tried homemade ones and they’re fantastic! I have a few flavors I’d like to incorporate: honey, vanilla, maybe… ginger? Are they hard to make? Anybody know?
  • Host a fall foodie get together – now that I’m fully settled into our new apartment, I hope to have some friends over for a get together full of fall favorites – a s’more bar (homemade marshmallows, homemade graham crackers, different varieties of chocolate), local wine, craft beers, etc.
  • New pumpkin recipes – Again, this is something everybody does… But I’d really like to try some new foodie ideas. Pumpkin pasta? Pumpkin curry? Pumpkin… hummus? I think they can be done!
  • Knoebels Hallofun and FOOD – Heading back to North Eastern Pennsylvania for this one, but I do love Knoebels! They’ve got some strangely cheap foods (pickle on a stick) and combined with Halloween? Yes!
  • Spiralized root veggie “pastas” – I was on a spiralizer kick for a while, falling out of it during the summer months. This fall, I intent to revamp that kick with spiraled beets, potatoes, carrots, parsnip, and on and on and on.

So there are some of the foodie adventures that I’d like to take this fall. I’m sure I’ll think of more as we get more into the season, but for now…

  • Do YOU have any fall foodie bucket list items?
  • What are your favorite fall flavors?

5 thoughts on “Fall Foodie Bucket List

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