Two Months of Life

Hey friends! Guess who’s back? After a long blogging hiatus, I’m back and ready to write. The past two months have been CRAZY for me, hence… my absence. To get back into it, I’m going to try to sum up my past two months.

This past May I took a sweet little trip to Las Vegas with my mom! Very different spot for me – I’m not a gambler, nor too into clubs, but it was a really great getaway. Lots of sight seeing, lots of time spent with my mom (and Las Vegas family), and we took a day trip to the Grand Canyon. If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, you must see it! It’s about 100 times bigger than I thought it would be. Here are two little fun images, just to sum up our trip!

IMG_0927 IMG_4667

In addition to this week-long vacation…. I’ve said goodbye to my current position and company, landed a NEW position, and… MOVED. I’m originally from central New Jersey, and had been living in Scranton, Pennsylvania, about three hours from home. I never planned on staying in Scranton after school, but I was able to land a professional position and really couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Finally, after months of searching, my boyfriend landed a professional position in none other than ~*New Jersey*~. Hence, a reason to head back to my home state. As soon as he was given the offer I started searching around for a job for myself and pretty quickly received an offer.

Sooo… within about a four week span, we’ve both landed new positions, found a little home for rent, and began taking the steps towards a new little adventure.

The past two months have been stressful to say the least. Between interviewing and searching for a new place to live, as well as a few doctor appointment strewn here and there, there have been countless (and many rainy) three hour treks from Scranton to New Jersey. I will admit it’s a drive that has a special place in my heart.


Additionally, while Ryan began his new position two weeks ago and was living in our new place, I’ve been living alone in Scranton, getting by on quick and pretty careless meals, on an air mattress and feeling really gross about it. It was a really rough two weeks, and definitely a struggle with Ed and my own inner dialogue. But I think the thought of just being where I am, healthy enough to be making a transition like this, helped me to pull through.

And today, I’m so happy to be where I’m at. Yesterday was my last day at my previous position, and the night before, my last night in my previous apartment. Today, I woke up in New Jersey. I’ve got a few VERY needed days off before starting my new position as a Digital Content Specialist. Very excited, very ready for these next steps!

Check out our new little home! These photos are from before we moved in, so they feature some staged furniture, but I’m excited to put our own little touches on the place.


How about that dream kitchen, am I right? My favorite part is the little sink window sill – perfect for plants and little knick knacks! I can’t wait to get back to whipping up healthy and delicious treats. The kitchen (and the plentiful of cabinet space) was definitely the selling point for me.

So now, I’ve got a few questions for my fellow bloggers..

Have you ever had a hiatus from blogging?

What was the reason?

How did YOU get back into the blogging state-of-mind?


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