What I Ate Wednesday #1

So I’m finally celebrating my very first What I Ate Wednesday! Yaaaay!

Admittedly, I had a really fantastic food day. Weekdays aren’t always quite this delicious. Usually, my meals are far less planned and much more… grab-and-go. But! I’ve been trying to plan ahead so that I can have healthy AND delicious meals every day of the week. Lately when I make dinner, I’ll make an extra large batch so that I have enough for lunch the next day. Or, I’ll prepare ingredients ahead of timeΒ for the next few days – chopping up extra veggies, making extra rice to make a dish, etc.

Weekday breakfasts are usually very easy: some variation of a yogurt parfait or, as in this morning, a simple bowl of cereal. Usually, I try to opt for the extra protein of yogurt. But somedays, especially a stressful Wednesday, I just need a crunchy comfort food! Here’s my go-to option:


Lunch was made last night with some extra udon noodles from dinner. This specific meal consisted of chilled udon noodles, mandarin oranges, cucumber, teriyaki-marinated tofu, chopped peanuts, and sesame seeds with a super simple vinaigrette made with sesame oil, soy sauce, orange, ginger and the tiniest drizzle of agave. So delicious and it made a really great work lunch! The bright freshness woke me up a bit while the peanuts and tofu gave some much-needed protein for the afternoon.


And dinner was a really nice surprise! I bought my boyfriend this cookbook for his birthday last week, and we’ve been loving it. Below was our own version of one of the recipes (since we didn’t have quite all of the ingredients). SautΓ©ed plantains, lentils, and wilted romaine with and ancho chili sauce. So delicious! The perfect amount of spice, sweetness, and acidity. And the best part? Enough for lunch tomorrow. πŸ™‚


And for dessert? This guy, with some slight variation:


This photo is from a few weeks ago – I engulfed tonight’s too quickly to take a photo! It is my most favorite post-workout evening dessert: vanilla siggi’s yogurt blended with frozen fruit and cocoa nibs. Pictured was made with frozen strawberries. Tonight, I made it with frozen peaches. Super creamy (essentially, frozen yogurt!) and super delicious. Just the right amount of sweet. Β πŸ™‚

So! Now I’m throwing it to you!

  • What are your tips for maintaining a healthy AND delicious eating schedule amid a busy and stressful work week? (Give a girl some tips!)

9 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #1

  1. Whaaat that looks like an awesome cookbook! Haha. Love dual-purpose boyfriend presents. πŸ˜‰ Girl those noodles look ridiculous. I need to branch out more and do stuff like this, and your glam fish tacos!

    Alsooo I have that same kashi cereal, only the cinnamon version. Love!

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  2. Hey girl! So excited to have started reading your blog. My favorite thing to do for busy weeks is prep veggies and different protein sources so I can throw together different salads & veggie bowls for lunches. Being able to make homemade energy bars (date/nut combos) is great too!

    Everything you ate looks sounds so yummy. I love having siggis for dessert.


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