Happy Friday!

Fri-yay! I don’t know about you, but my week was LONG. Stress upon stress upon stress. So today? Today I’m going over some of my favorite things, in an effort to boost my own mood and maybe, yours! Here are some of my…. dun-dun-na-na…. Friday Favorites (things I’ve be loving lately!):


1.  Pretty lilac nails. When it comes to nail polish, I’m usually a strictly red kind of girl. Dark red, bright red, any kind of red. And, while I’m a firm believer that red nails can get you through any season, this week I’ve been wearing lilac shades in an effort to get me into that spring mindset – it’s 19 degrees here today .____. Even though it’s freezing out, I do feel a bit brighter with this pretty pale shade!

2. siggi’s yogurt. You’ve probably seen me talk/write about siggi’s. If you personally know me, you’ve probably seen me EATING siggi’s. My obsession is for great reason – trust me! I used to be so-so about yogurt. I’m not really a fan of plain flavored yogurt, but I’m also not into super sweet things. Regular flavored yogurt tends to always be a bit too sweet for me, and the texture a bit runny. Forward to greek yogurt – better! But reading the ingredient list on many brands leaves me feeling a bit weary. Still lots of sugar and strange ingredients. Enter: siggi’s (Icelandic-style yogurt). Just the right sweetness (not too much!) and just the right ingredients (nothing that I can’t pronounce).


3. Peppermint essential oil. One of my clients at work sells essential oils and ever since taking her on, I’ve been obsessed. I’ve received a few samples of others which I have enjoyed, but peppermint has become a staple. I use it when I have a headache, I add a drop to shampoo, and my FAVORITE thing has been to place a couple drops on my yoga mat during practice.

4. Cabernet. I’ve always tried to be mindful of my alcohol intake, but I do love my red wines! And that…. is enough said.


5. LUSH tea tree toner tabs. If you haven’t tried facial steaming… you’re missing out! I stumbled onto these toner tabs while searching for a Christmas gift for my mom last year. Ever since, I’ve been in love! They help to open your pores, cleanse your skin, and have a really relaxing scent. They’re the perfect pre-sleep treat!

6. Greenery. I’m a huge lover of succulents and air plants. These little guys are so easy to maintain and they don’t give off a scent, meaning they’re perfect for the office! Having a bit of greenery around instantly uplifts my mood, which makes having these beauties on my desk all the better.


7. Tiny mixing bowls. This is kind of a silly one, but lately I’ve been very into little tiny bowls like the one pictured below. I wasn’t totally sure whether or not they would actually come in handy, but I loved the pattern. Since this one, I’ve bought a few others in a variety of prints and surprisingly, I use them very often! For mixing spices or dressings, for snacks, for meals (tofu scramble pictured!), etc. Plus, they add a pop of color and personality to my kitchen.


So, those are some of my favorite things, as of lately! I must admit, I feel in a much better mood after discussing them! What are some things that you have absolutely been loving lately?


3 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Aw, yay! Love love love. I wish I were more like you in that you don’t love sweet things.. I’m the biggest sweet tooth in the world. Siggi’s is awesome! Even better if you can find it on sale. : ) And I love essential oils – lavender is my favorite. And I’m jealous of your succulents/plants .. I kill everything D: haha.


    1. I NEVER find siggi’s on sale!! Have I mentioned how jealous I am of your awesome grocery store finds? I have a bottle of lavender essential oil, although I haven’t put it to use quite yet! Definitely going to look into some ways to use it 🙂


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