Things I’m caNOODLING with at the Moment.

I’ve never been a big pasta person. I’ve never sat there and craved pasta like I know so many people do. Often, when I do make it, it’s simply out of convenience. It’s easy enough to dump some noodles into boiling water and toss it in some tomato sauce and mix in some veggies. However, it would never be first choice. Or second. Or third, for that matter.

But tonight! I finally received my Excalibur spiralizer in the mail and tonight. Oh, tonight, did it go to good use. Here’s my super simple veggie noodle “pasta” dinner! I definitely seeing it becoming a weekly staple. Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.36.29 PM The Noodles: Spiralized beets, cucumber, zucchini, and carrot.
The Sauce: Crush tomatoes, capers, salt and pepers.

Super easy! I wasn’t too into the idea of going totally raw with this (although you definitely could!) so I simply heated the tomato tomato “sauce” on the stove and once it was warm, threw in the “noodles”. This allowed the veggie noodles to soften a bit, while still retaining some of their crunch. I did top it off with some parmesan cheese, for a little something extra. But leave it off and you’ve got something still delicious! Besides simply tasting good and being good for you, the colors were beautiful – I’m all about colors in my food – the brighter, the better!

And my post-workout dessert? This guy: IMG_8102

Frozen strawberries blended with vanilla siggi’s yogurt topped with a small sprinkle of cocoa nibs. I’ve been really obsessed with siggi’s lately and frozen fruit is something I always have on hand. The best thing about this little treat is that you can really use any frozen fruit – or a combo! Blending the two creates a really delicious and creamy consistency – very close to frozen yogurt. As a creature of habit, this is always my go-to evening snack. Plus, it’s the perfect post-workout treat!

So how about you? Do you have any great spiralizer recipes or tips? Do you have a go-to evening treat? 


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