Yoga for a Better Run


How many fellow runners out there are also yogis?! This year, I’ve been trying to make yoga a more daily practice. Instead of heading to a class every week (and going broke!) I’ve been trying to have a more mindful practice at home. I was hesitant at first. I’ve never had trouble checking in on some of my favorite YouTube fitness gurus, but yoga at home seemed… boring? After my first at-home yoga session I felt incredible! I’ve never felt so fully at peace.

Sometimes in yoga classes I feel silly. C’mon, some of those poses are very…. revealing?!Β At home, I feel much more comfortable through those strange poses. I feel okay about losing balance and falling over. I feel okay with having some fun in the poses, wiggling around as it feels right. I feel okay *attempting* those more advanced moves and, let’s face it, FAILING. Over the month, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my flexibility, strength, and stamina, which takes me to… running!

Since partaking in daily yoga practice, I’ve noticed HUGE strides in my running–see what I did there? πŸ˜‰ Lengthier runs aren’t as agonizing, side-stitches have been almost nonexistent, and my ankles and knees have been pain-free. After this morning’s run I noticed a difference in my post-run stretch, which is what really made me aware of this month’s progress. My hips are more open and my legs are more open, which provides for an all around more successful run. I’m excited to see what more yoga has in store!

I’m curious. Do you run? Do you practice yoga? Do you do both?


3 thoughts on “Yoga for a Better Run

  1. I’m a runner, but I don’t practice yoga. I have wanted to get into yoga though because I have heard several times that it greatly enhances running. Thanks for your great post! It’s giving me motivation to get out there and sign up with a yoga studio!


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